Calling your usual garage with an unknown problem is not a chore for the timid. You will feel angst-ridden. You may even vomit. Heart attacks are possible when the quote hits home, and you will know that you are one of those suckers born every minute. You need Kern Motors' Online Repair Estimate. It's quick and painless and you may rest assured your request will not be met with a licking of the lips and polishing of the titanium-plated toolbox, but rather, a straightforward appraisal of what your car really needs and the best ways to provide it without completely destroying the piggy bank.

Although a phone call or visit in person is inevitable, here and now you don't have to talk to Dan to get your point across. In fact, Dan might prefer such — he's German and doesn't always communicate well.

But enough about Dan's issues, let's talk about your problems. Please complete the form at right.